Shelf Life

Shelf Life is a bi-monthly live storytelling event hosted by David Wayne Reed featuring an array of unique objects from the region and the stories behind them. Shelf Life is a new take on the show and tell concept that focuses on the stories of our belongings.

Storytellers are curated from an open call submission and are selected to tell a story inspired by, or featuring an object within the context of the events chosen theme.

"We hope this Shelf stays fully stocked." 
-'Why We Love KC Now' 
Pitch Best of Kansas City 2017

"I laughed, cried, was inspired, and went away with new definitions of courage. Shelf Life is a thoughful, erudite concept which I believe won't take long to find a much wider audience."

"A wonderful evening of first rate stories!"

"Adult show and tell is AWESOME!!! Great theme and the stories were first class!!!"

"Inspiring - entertaining - laughter - applause and tears!"

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