Mother Trucker

Poster for Mother Trucker at Seaside Repertory Theatre, Seaside, FL 2013.

Cast of Mother Trucker at the Seaside Repertory Theatre-March 28, 2013

Original Poster. 2004. 

Home is where you drive it!   Mother Trucker, written and directed by David Wayne Reed, (2004) is the eastbound and lowdown tale of a widow, Ruby Lee Jenkins and her crippled pre-teen, Teddy Bear grappling with a new life on the road after the untimely trucking death of husband and father, Jerry Lee Jenkins. It is both homage to and a parody of the trucker movie adventures of yore. Though bawdy and raucous, it is a story with a focus on the family.  In Mother Trucker, Ruby drives her pink Peterbilt through a landscape dotted with country crooners, sexy hitchhikers, rig jockeys, Johnny Law and Jesus in pursuit of Alabama No-No Juice.
Mother Trucker was written and directed by David Wayne Reed in 2004 at Late Night Theatre in Kansas City, MO.  The cast included:
Jon Cupit--Ruby Lee Jenkins
Gary Campbell--Teddy Bear
Ron Megee--Deacon Crenshaw
David Wayne Reed-Slim Jenkins
Corrie Van Ausdal--Sheila Walker
Jessalyn Kincaid--Jesus Willie, Fancy, Dixie, Daphne Pearl
Darryl Jones-Dick E. Walker, Texas Mountie

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