Mother Trucker 2: Ride On

Mother Trucker 2: Ride On Illustration by Hector Casanova Cinderhouse

Mother Trucker 2: Ride On is the sequel to Mother Trucker, the eastbound and lowdown tale of a widow, Ruby Lee Jenkins and her crippled pre-teen, Teddy Bear grappling with a new life on the road after the untimely trucking death of husband and father, Jerry Lee Jenkins.  In Mother Trucker 2: Ride On, Ruby Lee Jenkins is desperate to save her home and her pink Peterbilt from foreclosure and takes a new opportunity westward to Las Vegas where everything to lose becomes nothing to lose and everything to gain. Mother Trucker 2: Ride On finds the Jenkins family in new terrain where they take the bull by the horns (literally and figuratively) and encounter UFO enthusiasts, casinos, lot lizards, sister wives, rodeos, Barbara Mandrell and love.


“Camp it is, but with plenty of Kumbaya. The script and production are wildly creative, but more important, Reed grounds the story in heart and good will. This family story is heartwarming, the characters lovable, the tone exactly right. Played as earnest as rodeo-clown costumes and sister-wife routines allow, Mother Trucker 2 is surprisingly touching and every bit as funny as you'd expect.”

Tiny Tina and Deke

Curtain Call

Promotional Photo 2011

Barroom Brawl.  (l to r) Ashley Otis, Cody Wyoming, Ron Megee, DWR, Shannon Michalski and Kimberely Queen

DWR as Slim Jenkins

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