Eternal Harvest

“The relationship between farmer and land is spiritual, interdependent, and profound. It is an exercise in having faith in a seed’s future. It is the ritual of daily chores. It is the consequent prayers for rain and sunshine. It is the gratitude for a bountiful harvest. It is the inevitable surrender to the Winter. When I was a young man, I asked my father about the idea of reincarnation. He said that the idea was plausible and offered the idea of a volunteer crop of wheat, or a perennial plant as possible evidence. Life continues from birth to death, from seed to harvest, again and again, he reasoned, creating a    vision of the farm as a mandala of life—seasonal,  perpetual, unrelenting, and eternal.”
—David Wayne Reed, Eternal Harvest

Using drones, dance, farm implements, heirloom quilts, agriculture, and video installation, 
Eternal Harvest re-imagines and re-purposes familiar agrarian implements and landscape
to illustrate and celebrate the land, as well as the coming and going of  livelihood it brings.

“The project becomes a conversation between Reed and his roots about the larger existential
questions that have no answers – like reincarnation and life after death.  Using his personal life
story and interests as inspiration, he creates a meditation on existence.”

Eternal Harvest is a 2017 Rocket Grant recipient with support from Charlotte Street Foundation,   Spencer Museum of Art, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Eternal Harvest will become a traveling exhibition through Exhibits USA beginning in 2020. 

Eternal Harvest Trailer

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