Monday, January 1, 2018

Everything's Coming Up Roses

The Louisburg High School Marching Band made history today by marching in the Rose Bowl Parade. I sat on my couch and watched proudly as the Wildcats marched. I might've even gotten weepy. (Okay, I totally did.) It's a proud moment for all of us LHS marching band kids over the years. (I played alto sax and belted out a mean Eye of the Tiger. FYI.)
When I began to envision Eternal Harvest, I knew that I had to collaborate with Mr. Cisetti, the LHS band teacher because, well, he knows how to move people. I called him up and asked him if I could meet up with him and tell him about my project. We met at an Olive Garden. I told him what I had in mind-a farm mandala incorporating my grandmother's quilts and my Dad's collection of antique tractors. We hatched a plan.
The fall sequence happened in mid-October on a windy day on the farm. Seventy-five people (part of a marching band, friends, and family) came out to the farm and we gathered in the barn to lay out the game plan at 3:10 p.m. We orchestrated and filmed several large kaleidoscopic formations taking place in a 150 foot circle. We were finished and packed up by 4:59 p.m. before a harsh thunderstorm/near tornado blew through at 6 p.m.
It was such a stunning day when people of all ages (3-83), and political stripes gathered together to wear plaid shirts and march my grandmother’s quilts around in formations for this film.
I’m still kind of gobsmacked by the magic efficacy of this most awesome day.
After the shoot, my nephew, Lenny (my drone camera operator) and I were in my truck driving to Powell Pumpkin Patch to return the 50 pumpkins I had rented. Lenny remarked "Man, it's so great to work with professionals." I looked at him and said "Are you calling me a professional?"
He said, "No, I mean Mr. Cisetti and the band."
Congratulations to them on this momentous honor and occasion and much gratitude for helping me out with this film.
In Wildcat pride,
p.s. Class of 90 rules.

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