Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So I'm headed to Seaside, FL for a month long residency.  

For one warm month in January,  I am allowed to write and perform an early preview of my one-man show (working title: Jolly Rancher)  that I will debut in Seaside on January 19th at the Seaside Repertory Theatre. 

The idea of doing a staged reading of the Mother Trucker cycle had been (smokey and the) bandied about but after a talk with the Artistic Director there we decided that it was simply to large to mount there. (If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that.)  I actually felt relieved.   So I'm going to work on what I actually proposed to do: completing a collection of short stories for publication which will be used as the basis for a one-man show.   

The future really is now. And I'm naturally stoked as fuck to be granted this opportunity.  

I received my housing assignment and I'll be living in a cottage called Sunrise Surprise.  

So I googled it.  This is the second thing that came up in the search: 

We'll see.
Then I found the actual website for the cottage where I'm staying.   

"Sunrise Surprise" is a two-bedroom cottage nestled in the woods on a sandy road just beyond the paved streets of Seaside. It is a two-bedroom cottage on the second floor over a garage with an open living room and kitchen floor plan.  The second story porch looks out into the piney woods.  You can hear  owls calling at night and with the beach only two blocks away, the sound of the surf is ever present.  

I'm so fortunate to have this opportunity and look forward to the creation that will flow.   

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