Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Little Town of Hollywood

Like a Christmas tale mad-libbed from TMZ entries, White Nose Christmas: A Tabloid Nativity of Rehab and Rebirth is the story of Brindsay Kardilton, a Hollywood It Girl whose taste for nose candy and other vices lands her, à la Lindsay Lohan, in the slammer for DUI. There, Kardilton is visited by ghosts of rehab past, present and future; makes peace with addictions and frenemies; and gets a fresh start on a life as pure as the driven snow on Sunset Boulevard in a freak Los Angeles blizzard. The inspirational satire is written and performed by Late Night Theatre alum David Wayne Reed, Bess Wallerstein of CounterClockwise Comedy, and Heidi Van of Fishtank Performance Studio. It runs through December 23 at the Fishtank (1715 Wyandotte). Tickets cost $10-$20 at the door; they can be purchased in advance at Birdies. Call 816-809-7110 or see fishtanktheater.com.--Grace Suh, The Pitch