Friday, October 29, 2010

"Funny, etc."

I didn't win the Literary Death Match last night.  That honor went to my good friend, Gina Kauffman.  I was matched against Cote Smith who won with a story about a man and wife who watch their daughter's sex video online and try to save their own relationship in the process. It was called 'something.'  

During my critique, the judge for literary merit noted that it was very hard to create humor on the page and that my piece was "funny, etc."  She said "I won't say anything about the post-modern usage of your own name in your piece."  Her name was Kristy Somebody. She's won 2 Pushcart Awards and an NEA grant.  Whitney Terrell gave me high marks for the performance aspect.  He said he liked how I used the word 'stroke.' Scott Wilson, of the Pitch, judged Intangibles.  I don't remember what he said.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nerd Battle Royale

I finally decided on my story for Literary Death Match tonight. Special nods to Monsanto, kangaroo skin hats, illegal aliens, Don Henley and my retarded cousin, Sue.