Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best Actor OR Actress

I was at KCPT getting ready to tape "Check, Please" a new restaurant review show. The make-up artist was doing her thing on my face when I rec'd the vibratory notice that I'd received a new message on my blackberry. After she powdered me off, I checked my message and heard that readers of The Pitch had voted me "Best Actor or Actress" for the 2008 Best of issue.

Funny, since I only acted once this year in a 3-night only re-staging of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Perhaps it was a memory award; a decade achievement award--not sure. Officially, I retired from the acting biz back in 2006. If I weren't me, I might think that I had lobbied for the award directing friends to the ballot to, well, stuff. It's true that's what I had done in 2000 when I last won this award--but not this time. Honest. It feels great to be lauded by your peers--even moreso than the critic's choices--that's one vote against a multitude of votes. And me--I'll take the popular vote over the electorate anyday.

Thanks to the readers of The Pitch.

I guess I should do the decent thing and at least act again--somewhere, sometime.